Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Tee's Birthday Collab

 Purchased By Me / Giveaway Prize / Press Sample 

Woohoo! Happy Birthday Tee! I hope you have a special time with your loved ones.

So guys, if you didn't already know, today is Tee's birthday. To celebrate, Dianna brought some of us ladies together to do some recreations of Tee's wonderful manis. Check out the collage Dianna put together, it came out great!
Collage by Dianna:
I decided to recreate the mani I've linked here. I thought I had very similar polishes to the ones she used, so I really excited to give it a try. Unfortunately, my polishes were more on the pastel/sheer side. They were pretty much similar in color, but they weren't opaque enough to achieve the same look. Anyways, I just hope she likes my recreation. By the way, if you don't follow her you definitely should because she always does amazing manis.

Okay, so I started off by painting my ring finger and pinky white as my gradient base. My index and middle finger were a simple blue. When the white polish dried, I added a coat of top coat since I was going to be using nail vinyls. Once dry, I added the vinyl as well as some clean-up product around my fingers. Then, I proceeded to apply polish to the sponge and dabbed it on my nail to create my gradient. Once I was mostly happy with it, I removed the vinyl while the polish was still wet. I let my nails dry and then added top coat to all my nails.
Overall, the mani came out alright. I just wish I had known my polishes weren't as opaque so I could've picked another mani. Anyways, don't forget to wish Tee a Happy Birthday. If you'd like to see everyone else's recreations, look under the hashtag #ItsTeesBday on Instagram.

Well thank you for stopping by, I hope you all liked the mani. Until next time.

Products Used:
White: Sinful Colors "Snow Me White"
Blue: Sinful Colors "Keira Blu"
Pink: Sinful Colors "Cherry Blossom"
Teal: Sinful Colors "Sky Tree"
Top Coat: Love, Angeline "Topped With Love"
Vinyls: Twinkled T Almaz Stencils

*Twinkled T Almaz Stencils were a giveaway prize. Love, Angeline "Topped With Love" was a Press Sample.

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