Saturday, October 4, 2014

Glitter Storage

Hello my lovely readers! On this post, I'm going to talk about glitter storage.

Many months ago, my sister got me some cute glitters from the Dollar Tree. Many of you have probably seen or even bought some yourselves. The different glitters each come in their own tiny vial, and even though they are very cute, it's a pain to use them. The glitter itself is great, but getting it out to use and cleaning up later just frustrates me. I usually dump out a bit of glitter, and when I'm done I have to pick up all the leftover glitter and put it back in the vial. The vial has a small opening, and most of the time I have to put the extra glitters in one by one. So, I had been wanting to get some containers where I wouldn't have to struggle as much.

Two weeks ago I went to Dollar Tree, and I was just walking the aisles. I came across the part of the store where they have the 7 day pill organizers. I might have seen people use them for this sort of thing before, but I can't recall. (Or maybe I'm thinking about them being used as lip gloss containers, like when they make their own with crayons and what not.) Well, I started looking through them and found one that I thought was perfect. I didn't want one with the days of the week written on them, so the one I found was great for me. You can see a picture of it below (featuring my little niece's finger, hahaha!), it's a tube-like container with 7 compartments. Oh, and I love that the compartments are each different colors, like a beautiful rainbow. These containers will make it easier to pick up the glitter without having to dump it out. Yay for simple solutions, lol!

I hope you found this post a bit helpful. Maybe it can inspire you to do something similar, or just inspire you in general.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed.

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