Monday, September 29, 2014

Geometric Pumpkin Stained Glass

Hi loves! I recently did some nail art for a contest, and it feels like it's been forever. Well the theme for the contest is "Geometric", and days before I actually did my nails, I started to think about what I could do. I had the idea of making it Halloween/Fall related, but turning it geometric. So I decided to just do an accent nail with a geometric looking pumpkin, and I paired it with "Cut Out Nails" or a "Stained Glass" look. I fell in love with how they turned out.

Matte Top Coat

Glossy Top Coat
Glossy Vs. Matte Comparison

I started off with using a layer of my diy glue peel-off base, and I painted on one coat of the Sinful Colors "Glow in the Dark" on my nails. From there on, I used acrylic paints for the whole design. I began with painting out the basic shape for the pumpkin, and filling it in in layers until opaque. Then I outlined all around my nails, and made random lines to create different shapes to make the stained glass effect. Afterwards, I filled in some of the shapes with the orange, purple and green acrylic paints twice. I also did this on the accent nail around the pumpkin. Lastly, I went in again with the black acrylic paint to outline everything to give it a cleaner look. And, I used a top coat to seal in the design. (Since I used the glow in the dark polish, they did glow. Unfortunately, I couldn't capture it with my camera.)

Acrylic Paints Used:
Apple Barrel "Black"
Apple Barrel "Melted Chocolate"
Apple Barrel "Lime Tree"
Apple Barrel "Jack-o-lantern"
Craftsmart "Plum"

Top Coats Used:
Wet N Wild (Wild Shine) "Matte Top Coat"
Sinful Colors "Clear Coat"

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