Sunday, November 16, 2014

Day 22: Critters

Hi guys! Today I bring you Critters, for Day 22 of the Halloween Nail Art Challenge. I really enjoyed doing this challenge because I used different techniques for this nail art. I did some painting with acrylic paint, sponging with polish, and I used ordinary temporary tattoos on my nails for the very first time. Overall, I think they came out great! Well, how about I just show you?

On my thumb and ring finger I used Sinful Colors "Starry Night", a sheer black polish with tiny holographic glitters and scattered gold holographic flecks. I did 2 coats on my nails, but I probably should have done 3 so it would've been completely opaque. I painted the spiderwebs with white acrylic paint and a tiny brush. On my pointer, middle and pinky; I used Wet N Wild (Megalast) "Break the Ice". "Break the Ice" is a pearly sheer white polish with a pretty silver shimmer, and I did 4 coats on each nail to get it opaque. I wish I would have just done a coat of white polish and then added "Break the Ice" on top, that way it wouldn't have been so many coats. Over that, I lightly sponged on Wet N Wild (Fergie) "Heels of Steel" (a shimmery grey foil polish featured in the first picture above). I added a thin coat of the Sinful Colors Top Coat and waited for that to dry. I had some Halloween temporary tattoos that I purchased a few years ago, from Target I believe, and I chose some spiders as my little "critters". I took off the plastic protector from the tattoo, placed it upside down on my nail, and pressed it down with a wet cotton ball. I then dabbed the cotton ball on the tattoo, until the paper came off. I very gently pressed on the tattoos to make sure they stuck on properly. Lastly, I just top coated with Wet N Wild (Wild Shine) "Clear Nail Protector".

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed this post and nail art. Until next time guys, bye.

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