Monday, September 15, 2014

Bonita Colors and Beauty Concepts

Hey guys, I have some swatches for you. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know I purchased some polishes at the 99 cents only store, all Bonita Colors. My very first Bonita Colors! The Beauty Concepts polish was a gift for my Birthday from my sister, which she got at the Dollar Tree (also my first of the brand). I told some of you she purchased it at Walmart, but apparently I was mistaken, so I apologize for the confusion.

So, here are the pictures of the polishes:
Top Pictures, Left to Right:
"Forever And A Day", "Kiss And Tell", "Hydrangeas Are My Fav", "Ocean's Eleven", and "Lucky Penny"
Bottom Pictures, Left to Right:
Unnamed polish, "Smashin' Fashion", and "Spice It Up"

And here are the swatches.

Left to Right:
Bonita Colors "Ocean's Eleven" (1 coat)
Bonita Colors "Kiss And Tell" (2 coats)
Bonita Colors "Smashin' Fashion" (2 coats)
Bonita Colors "Hydrangeas Are My Fav" (1 coat)

Glossy Top Coat:
 Matte Top Coat:

Left to Right:
Bonita Colors "Lucky Penny" (2 coats)
Bonita Colors "Forever And A Day" (2 coats)
Bonita Colors "Spice It Up" (2 coats)
Unnamed polish by Beauty Concepts (2 coats)

Glossy Top Coat:
 Matte Top Coat:

All of the polishes went on easily, I didn't have any problem with the formula or anything. Some of these polishes were actually okay with 1 coat which was great. For example, "Ocean's Eleven" and "Hydrangeas Are My Fav" were opaque with just 1 coat. I love all the colors, and I finally have a really good glitter polish ("Spice It Up").

Oh, and of course I had to see them Matte, aren't they gorgeous?

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed the post.

Top Coats Used:
Wet N Wild (Wild Shine) "Clear Nail Protector"
Wet N Wild (Wild Shine) "Matte Top Coat"

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