Sunday, October 12, 2014

Day 4: Candy Corn

Today I bring you Candy Corn nails. I had done a different design for this theme, but changed my mind. I used the mani I did for the next challenge, and did a new mani for this challenge. I knew what I wanted to do on my accent nails, but had no idea how to decorate the rest. I thought about doing three different sized dots, from largest to smallest down the nails. Each dot was going to be a candy corn color. But instead, I did little candy corns out of dots. I think it could have turned out better, but it's ok. They don't look bad, and I hope you guys like them. Well, on to the pictures.
Glossy Top Coat:
Matte Top Coat:
Glossy Vs. Matte:

I first painted my thumb and ring finger black, and the rest a gorgeous shimmery brown color. (My base colors were polish by the way, and the candies were all painted with acrylic paints) I then began painting the triangles on the black nails with a toothpick. I did 2 coats of the white paint so the colors would stand out. While that dried, I did the "dotted" candy corns? I don't know what to call them, lol! I did 3 yellow dots on the top, 2 orange dots in the middle, and 1 white dot at the bottom to complete the candy corn. After, I went back to finish the other candy corns and filled them in with the appropriate colors. Once everything was dry, I finished off with a top coat.

Overall, they came out ok in my opinion. I especially liked the black nails full of candy corns. I did like the idea I got of making the candy corns out of dots, but think I could have made them look better in a different design. Well thanks for reading loves, have a nice one.

Polishes Used:
Black: Wet N Wild (Wild Shine) "Black Creme"
Brown: NY&C "Saturn Sunset"
Glossy Top Coat: Wet N Wild (Wild Shine) "Clear Nail Protector"
Matte Top Coat: Wet N Wild (Wild Shine) "Matte Top Coat"

Acrylic Paints Used:
Apple Barrel "Black"
Apple Barrel "White"
Apple Barrel "Bright Yellow"
Craftsmart "Light Orange"

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