Friday, December 12, 2014

Pop the Bubbles

Hi guys. Hope you're all having a lovely day. I have a L'oreal polish swatch for you today, the polish is called "Pop the Bubbles". It's a polish I purchased and had posted on Instagram a long while back. The formula is really good in my opinion, and it went on easily. I put on 2 coats, and once dried, the polish had some texture. I actually really liked the feel of it without a top coat, it's different from all the other polishes I own. This polish is beautiful and perfect for Winter, it just reminded me of Christmas and snow (and Queen Elsa).
Without Top Coat:
Glossy Top Coat:
Matte Top Coat:
Thanks for reading, until next time.

Top Coats Used:
Wet N Wild (Wild Shine) "Clear Nail Protector"
Wet N Wild (Wild Shine) "Matte Top Coat"

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